About “The Imaginal Cafe”

This is a DRAFT of our “Imaginal Cafe” concept. We will continue to develop this as we head toward a launch in mid-September, 2019. Stay tuned!

Dialogs and Engagement to Envision and Catalyze Our Future

“Imaginal Cafes” are informal, flexible events, where, through structured social dialogs, participants explore the issues, opportunities and visions of our common future. We will catalyze discussions on the future of our society, our fundamental values, and the necessity of “A World for All”.

The Imaginal Cafes will catalyze practices that bring about coherence, synchrony and shared consciousness.  We will create opportunities for expanding and maturing our consciousness and spirit, in non-religious contexts.  We will do this by fostering human-to-human connections. 

The Imaginal Cafes will create a safe space for discussions on creating a working, positive and uplifting world of peace and security, seeking resources and solutions to support the needs of humans. Imaginal Cafes are an opportunity to actually practice community, bonding and autonomy.  Imaginal Cafes will provide the opportunity to positively and creatively design our own futures that are cooperative and relational, rather than competitive. Together, we will empower people to re-learn what it means to be human in a symbiotic way.

The Imaginal Cafes will build on the accomplishments of the “Commons Cafe” dialogic model that was successfully executed by Commonway in the late 1990’s.


The “Butterfly Project” is a multi-year, multi-city, multi-themed initiative, designed to actually change the direction of our society, and to give us workable, practical models of how humans can live together in the 21st Century, on a whole and healing Earth.

Our vision is to create “A World That Works for All” – an inclusive global human society, thriving together with all beings on a healthy, sustainable planet.  In order to achieve this, we must shift first our consciousness, then our cultures and behavior, then our systems and structures.

We are people coming together, holding the intention of forming dialog groups in our local areas, focused on practicing community and envisioning our future.


Common Way Institute
Portland, OR

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