Vision & Values


Our vision is to create “A World That Works for All” – an inclusive global human society, thriving together with all beings on a healthy, sustainable planet.  In order to achieve this, we must shift first our consciousness, then our cultures and behavior, then our systems and structures.


1.     Inclusivity (harmony)

2.     Collective Responsibility and Empowerment

3.     Consciousness/ Spirituality

4.     Authenticity

5.     Vision-Driven Action

Our History: The Commons Café

Some of you will remember Commonway’s “Commons Café” project in the 1990’s, a very successful dialog project.  Based on the ground-breaking “World Café” dialog process, we conducted Commons Cafés around the country, in groups from 80 to 800.  The Commons Café brought together thousands of people who were actual or potential adversaries, for discussion of important, fundamental societal issues.

We need that now – and a lot more.  The Imaginal Cafes will continue where the Commons Cafés stopped – to help us to come together, past the barriers that separate us, to create “A World for All”.