The Butterfly Project

What is “The Butterfly Project”?

The “Butterfly Project” is a multi-year, multi-city, multi-themed initiative, designed to actually change the direction of our society, and to give us workable, practical models of how humans can live together in the 21st Century, on a whole and healing Earth.

Starting with dialog and moving into action, the Butterfly Project is the catalyst.

The Dream of the Butterfly

Our society is like a voracious, ever-consuming caterpillar. Unless it stops, it will destroy its own ecological niche. (That means US.)

But, the caterpillar will stop. They always do. We can see the signs of our caterpillar breaking down, all around us.

The breakdown of the devouring caterpillar is both inevitable and necessary for the emergence of the beautiful butterfly. A butterfly is NOT a caterpillar with wings. IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BEING, built on a completely different “reality” (flying versus crawling; loving versus eating).

The transformation to the butterfly takes place first within its IMAGINAL CELLS, the part of the caterpillar that holds the promise of the butterfly.

THAT’S US. We are the “imaginal cells” of our Breaker society. It’s time for us to catalyze the process of transformation.